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Encourage your Curl to form with these definition techniques

When we start the transition it is normal to have areas with different textures or with scab hair, today I present some techniques that you can use to obtain the best possible definition of curls.

These techniques that I present below can be used both to define the hair and also during the application of deep masks (homemade or commercial) by gently massaging, this ensures that your hair better absorbs all the benefits of your mask.

Scrunch method:

It is the motion that is made when taking the hair from the ends to the roots

squeeze the hair with your hands in a scrunching motion in repetitive motions to increase the definition of the curl or help the hair absorb the mask better.

Squish to condish:

It is very similar to scruch (if not the same) In Spanish it translates to "squeeze to hydrate." It consists of doing the scrunch technique while you have your deep treatment in place so that the hair "better absorbs" the applied mask.

It is ideal that your hair is soaked and all the products are already previously applied. The conditioner, leave in, definition gel, etc. it is squeezed to encourage the curl to absorb all the product.


It consists of making braids while you have the deep treatment or mask, it is also used as a definition method.

Finger coil or Curl by Curl Method:

This technique consists of taking strand by strand making a circle motion with your index finger. This technique is ideal for training your curls to form and leaves an excellent result on textures type 3b to 4a.

Finger rols method:

It is a new method that consists of rolling your hair already with the product applied using your two index fingers, this creates a roll in the hair that when you release it leaves a very beautiful and defined definition.

Chingling method:

This definition technique consists of going over your hair like the curl by curl technique without the need to twist it by simply going over the hair between the thumb and the index finger, this helps to better apply the product throughout the hair in a homogeneous way.

Fitagem method:

It is a style of definition in which you use your hands in the form of "claws" while you squeeze the hair between the fingers with movement from top to bottom as if your hands were a comb.

There are other methods to improve your definition that you can try and see which is the most suitable for your hair type.

Plopping method:

There are already several methods for plopping, including wet plopping, drying plopping, and net plopping. Each of these consists of a different way to shrink and give a better definition of the hair.

  • Wet plopping consists of placing your hair in a plastic cap for 10 to 15 minutes to get juicier and shrunken hair. Wet plopping can also be used in the application of deep treatments in combination with twits.

  • Drying plopping consists of wrapping your already defined hair in a cotton t-shirt to dry and remove any excess product, but at the same time achieving excellent definition.

  • Net plopping consists of placing your defined hair in a mesh or half panty with holes so that your curly hair dries faster and gets more shrinkage.

50/50 method:

The 50% Open Air / 50% Diffuser method: is a drying method used by curly hair to speed up the drying time of the hair. It consists of applying and defining first with the styling cream and then when it is 50% dry, proceeds to dry with a diffuser at medium temperature and medium speed and apply the gel at the moment of being drier, so the hair obtains more volume.

The 50% Brush / 50% Fitagem method: it is a styling method that allows you to achieve less shrinkage than using only a brush. It consists of first styling using the brush of your choice such as the denman or the tangletezer and then proceeds with the fitagem technique where you style with your hands by squeezing the fingers together in the form of "claws", squeezing the hair between the fingers with the motion from above to under.

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