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About Me

My Name is Pamela Ravelo

I am an Afro Latina from the Dominican Republic, lover of Digital Marketing, Design, and Web optimization (SEO), with big dreams.


Obsessed with haircare, skincare, and general well-being.


Being imperfect since 1992.  

I did not always have this vision: Several years ago, I was in a completely different situation than I am now. Back then my mentality and my possibilities were limited but I always dreamed of having my own blog. Back then I was still living in the Dominican Republic and I had the opportunity to work in various design areas that allowed me to see the importance of connecting through images that tell a real and relevant story.

I was always optimistic about the possibilities and in 2017 together with my then boyfriend, now husband starts to dream of the possibility of coming to live in the United States to work hard and fulfill my dreams. It has not been easy, but together we have succeeded.

In March 2018, I made the decision not to straighten my hair with irons, dryers, or chemical procedures that would alter the natural pattern of my hair strand. Not until two months later I decided to make the great cut, because I couldn't cope with the texture change and I was ready to accept my imperfections as part of my virtues and be real with myself inside and out.

My days are filled with joy knowing that by sharing my story and the knowledge I find on the web, they can inspire and motivate others to start their personal acceptance process with the necessary knowledge you must have to feel good with your skin and your hair.

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I am available for the following Projects
  • Brand Ambassador

  • Photo and video sessions

  • Runways

  • Events and meet-ups 

  • Raffles and Giveaways

  • Collaborations

  • Sponsored blogs, vlogs and social posts

  • Facebook Live videos


Bust: 36 "Bra: 36B Waist: 34" Hips: 43"

Height: 5'4 Dress: 7US Shoe: 7US Hair and eyes: Dark brown

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