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Meet the Hair Line: Norigami

norigami Hydrating hair Bath shampoo.jpg

Hydrating hair Bath shampoo

Hydrating Cream Conditioner.jpg

Hydrating Cream Conditioner

norigami Hydrating Frizz Control Cream.j

Hydrating Frizz Control Cream

norigami Hydrating Soft Hold Gellie.jpg

Hydrating Soft Hold Gellie

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My name is Pamela Ravelo

I am an Afro Latina from the Dominican Republic, Entrepreneur, and Curly Hair Enthusiast, passionate about Social Media Marketing, SEO, and this community.

I started sharing my story and hair care routines through social media to motivate and encourage girls like you to feel beautiful inside and out. I learned everything I know about hair by researching online, putting my knowledge into practice, and informing my community throughout my transition process.

Being imperfect since 1992.


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